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My Cupcakes

Visit the Shop to see more Hammylicious Cupcakes.

Visit Hammy's Cupcakes to see why there’s been so much buzz about my thriving Cupcake business. I offer a large variety of top-quality, Hammylicious cupcakes and cookies that will have you coming back for more.

Chocolate Mint Slice Cupcakes

From $24 for a 6 pack

These Mint Chocolate Cupcakes are heavenly for anyone who would call themselves a choc mint lover. They begin with a soft and fluffy chocolate cake piled high with creamy mint buttercream topped with a chocolate mint cookie.


Nutella Cupcakes

From $24 for a 6 pack

Ultimate Nutella Cupcakes feature my perfectly moist chocolate cupcake base which is filled with Nutella, topped with Nutella buttercream.  It's Nutella perfection!

Vanilla Cupcakes

From $24 for a 6 pack

 Vanilla Cupcake is a constant favorite among our customers.  

Vanilla Cupcakes
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